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Our mission to provide comprehensive resources for teaching & learning the National Computing Curriculum

The National Curriculum requires computing to be taught in schools from the ages of five to 16, so children can be introduced to computational thinking from an early age. ConquerComputing focusses on the early Y1-Y6 academic years, and some of the resources can be used as quick-start introductions at early senior school.

A large part of the new curriculum involves delivering an understanding of coding (or programming). In addition, ConquerComputing offers materials across a range of topics including internet safety, spreadsheets, robotics and engineering. These resources can support your existing program of study and cross-curricular activities.

Up to date, adaptive resources

Our in-house author and subject matter expert is continually mapping developments in technology to the National Curriculum for Computing, providing a maintained and relevant resource. New additional content is regularly introduced. In a fast-moving world, you never need to feel left behind.

The pace of technological progress and the requirement for schools to support it requires evolving resources and speedy cost-free updates. Our online delivery and agile development relieves skill-set pressures on schools by providing a productive environment for teachers.

Uniquely, the ConquerComputing content is accessible to teachers of any skill level to deliver mandatory learning objectives in computing through our training content, as well as acting as a classroom resource. School leaders can control and monitor on-boarding and effectiveness using the bespoke learning management system. In this way ConquerComputing provides live-time Continuing Professional Development throughout the year. Learn more here.

Delivery context

ConquerComputing allows teachers and schools to extend their delivery and teaching to computing, with reliable resource support and a learning management system.

ConquerComputing provides all that is required under the National Curriculum and more, all in one place. Packed with original content and with full revision history, the program of study you invest in at the start of the year will be reliably resourced.

Whether you choose quick-start options, or longer-term on-boarding, we would be happy to work with you so that you may on-board the product in a way that suits you. Contact us for assistance.

A ready-made solution with tangible benefits
  •  Massively reduces time spent lesson planning
  •  Helps plan learning objectives for the full term
  •  Easy to use for teachers and students
  •  Extremely cost effective for whole school use

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