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What is conquercomputing?

ConquerComputing is an online resource for primary teachers to support the teaching of computing in schools.

ConquerComputing provides lesson plans mapped to the Computing Curriculum and gives the support you need to deliver effective lessons. Video tutorials for both teachers and pupils reinforce your lessons and allow you to pre-empt challenges. Worksheets and downloadable resources are available to teachers and students online.

The team behind ConquerComputing have decades of experience in online technology and have educated millions using effective multi-sensory techniques. Now anyone can learn coding and create their own games and applications.

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Main Features

Why have we created conquercomputing?

We heard from a number of teachers that they had concerns about teaching computing (or more specifically coding) to their pupils. All of them obviously had prior knowledge of Maths, English, Science Etc., but most had never been exposed to coding and computing.

In fact for most, computer knowledge stretched as far as switching on a PC, sending emails and creating documents. With this in mind the thought of having to plan individual lessons and map them to the curriculum was a frightening prospect.

As of September 2014, the UK national curriculum requires computing to be taught in schools from the ages of five to 16, instead of ICT, so children can be introduced to computational thinking from an early age. A large part of the new curriculum involves giving the children an understanding of coding (or programming).

A survey (by Mykindacrowd) found that 54% of secondary teachers believed their students knew more about ICT and computing than they did. Teachers said they needed the support of government and business if they are to deliver the curriculum. In addition, 74% of ICT teachers admitted to not having the right skills needed to deliver the curriculum. Nor do they believe they have the time to learn the skills.


  • Will save planning time
  • Will help you to plan not only the lessons but learning objectives for the full term
  • Easy to use for teachers
  • Easy to use for kids
  • It's extremely cost effective for the whole school to use

What's included?

ConquerComputing includes all the resources you need to confidently teach the Computing Curriculum at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

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Lesson Plans

Every computing lesson at Key Stages 1 and 2 fully planned. Detailed guidance prepares you fully for delivering a confident and effective lesson.

Lists the aims of each lesson, provided resources, challenges and timescales, simply and clearly set out in plain English.

Teacher Videos

Clear and concise tutorials empower the teacher with the knowledge and confidence to teach the subject.

Even if you're new to computing, you'll grasp potentially complex concepts with ease and be prepared to handle potential challenges.

Student Videos

Concise video tutorials present new ideas to learners using a friendly voice, synchronised with on-screen demonstrations that allow learners to absorb new ideas at their own pace. Let children watch tutorials whilst you give individual help to those who need it or show videos on your interactive whiteboard to stimulate discussion and group thinking.


Colourful worksheets test knowledge of each lesson and provide a fun way for children to practice their skills even when a computer might not be available.

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